Rubio Wedding

All it took was a photo on a desk for Fernando to fall in love with his bride to be. He patiently waited by her side for 10 years to make her his. Their life long friendship has created a one of a kind love.

As if they weren't blessed enough they had friends hand craft their flowers, Jennifer's cousin did her hair and Fernando's long time friend and family came out to be their witness. 

Jennifer and Fernando along with Jennifer’s 4 year old little girl were married at Wallace Falls in Gold Bar, WA. Their simple wedding was nothing short of magical. The wedding was officiated by Jennifer’s cousin, while they balance on river rocks along the rushing waters.


Sometimes life doesn't turn out the way we plan and sometime life ends up better then we ever could plan. Congratulations Fernando and Jennifer. I hope you hold onto the love you have this day. That God continues to bless your entire family as you trust in Him.